First of all, I would like to introduce our company to you. We are HYPERVSN, the developer of the award-winning professional 3D holographic system which is recognized by experts as the new generation of digital signage. We are a British company with headquarters in London, established in 2011. Our board of investors includes Richard Branson and Mark Cuban. Our technology is very well accepted by many customers and partners around the world. Today you can see HYPERVSN 3D technology in more than 65 countries and people love it.

Check key highlights about HYPERVSN system here: and check latest user case study with Coca-Cola here: . Here you can find how HYPERVSN was used at all sort of events in Asia:

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As for the cosmetic brands examples of usage you can look at the following links:

Antonia Banderas:



L’oreal I Lancome:


Finally, here you can see how HYPERVSN was used in all sort of venues/events and for big international brands:

Some more selected cases in retail industry.